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Rodi Valyi

Yoga Teacher
Social Pedagogue
I first met Yoga as a teenager. I’ve tried many sports before, but I haven’t found myself in them. I was too slow for every competitive activities, because I preferred to do my things guardedly and thoroughly. Pressure and competition always got me frustrated. Then once I tried a Hatha Yoga class for my mother’s suggestion, and I was totally impressed. I couldn’t believe, that something can fit me that much. In the coming years I always returned to yoga, when I needed some light in the darkness.

Yoga helped me to develop and accept myself, and to find the right way of my life. Luckily it gave me some amazing personalities as teachers too, who I will always be proud of studying from. Such as my first and eternal Hatha teacher in Budapest, then the Himalayan Master, Mukesh Kothari, who was my father on my teacher training, and Nicki, who brought me back to Yoga, after I moved to Graz.

My main goal as a yoga teacher is to give my students at least the half of that amount of inspiration, what I’ve got from these great people, and of course from Yoga. – RODI
Rodi’s Klassen:

19.00–20.15: DEEP HATHA
Unterrichtssprache: english